A retrospective exhibition dedicated to Dieter Rams, one of the 20th century's most influential industrial designers. As head of design at Braun, the German consumer electronics manufacturer, Rams defined an elegant and rigorous visual language for its products. Read more

The exhibition featured 244 objects, spanning six decades of his life and work. Planned across five sections (Dieter Rams solo projects, Braun team projects under Dieter’s leadership, Vitsœ and Typology and Legacy), the design of the exhibition utilised an array of graphic expressions – each appropriate to specific areas of curatorial content. The entrance featured an internal façade with Rams' Vitsœ 606 compression system spanning the width of the upper gallery (approx 15×5m). Here the visual language from selected products set the tone.

The opening panel of each section introduced relevant product elements such as speaker grilles, calculator layouts and hi-fi interfaces. In each instance we have cut away the geometric shapes of the product interfaces – deconstructing and re-scaling them beyond the intended proportions. In the mid-section we recreated part of Ram’s house – his only built architectural project – using the same tiled grid featured in his living room. The back wall featured a seven metre-wide mural of the Audio 300 stereo with a superimposed grid demonstrating Braun's rational approach to product layout. A limited-edition screenprint was produced and sold in the Design Museum shop.

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Exhibition photography by Luke Hayes and Thomas Brown

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