The Hour is a beautifully written and designed watch journal that places emphasis on cerebral content rather than luxury and celebrity.
The focus of the magazine is on current affairs, business matters, science, culture, and fashion – all presented with an intelligent tone of voice to appeal to decision makers with a sense of curiosity. Read more

Five time-based themes reflect an editorial approach, to the structure of the magazine. The Moment; 12, short articles on contemporary matters and happenings. Working Hours, business and innovation with profiles on the people making things happen today. Timepiece; what's happening in the world of watches. Zeitgeist; arts and culture and Timezone, which is more lifestyle orientated with travel, food and fashion.

The magazine masthead is unconventional – based on the 12, 3, 6 and 9hr positions associated with a clock face. The H has been redrawn to suggest an hourglass. The inner pages also make use of this symmetry. Emphasis has been placed on materials – textured stocks and foil blocking reinforce the quality of the publication.

A limited edition wallet was produced in collaboration with the leather designer Bill Amberg as a gift to friends of The Hour

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