Identity for an independent pan-European investment bank. The project defines an important phase in Liberum's history, to assist with the further development of their business, and to embrace innovative new technology. Web-based, mobile responsive investment research has been a significant undertaking and will launch later in 2014. Read more

Established in 2007, Liberum has grown from a start-up to an established partner for investment institutions and corporate clients today. The firm represents 68 listed companies, and significantly increased its research coverage in 2013, covering 80% of the FTSE 100 and 50% of the FTSE 250.

A cornerstone of Liberum's approach is to 'cut through' other market noise, to research that counts for all its corporate clients. This dynamic attitude, is reflected in a new logotype and visual language which embodies a fresh, distinctive, and tailored approach to its business.

The Research Note is one of the hardest working tools in the Liberum communications palette. It needs to convey detailed information, to analysts and investors, with both efficiency and clarity. Bibliotheque developed the systems and visual language, that has been translated into templates for all research communications. We also worked alongside data design agency After the Flood, who are taking the Research Note further, into responsive digital platforms.

The identity extends to all other touch points including web site, corporate reports, stationery, signage and social media platforms. Close