Situated in the heart of London’s West End and attracting almost 45 million visitors a year, Covent Garden a has rich heritage stretching back
to the 16th century. As part of an ambitious, long-term project aimed at transforming the area into a premiere retail and lifestyle destination, Bibliothèque were commissioned to create the Covent Garden identity. Covent Garden was selected as one of the CoolBrands® of 2012.
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Purchased in 2006 by CAPCO (Capital & Counties Properties PLC), the estate comprises of 750,000 square feet of retail, office and residential space. The identity focuses on the district’s unique offering across four areas: Heritage & Architecture, Entertainment & Culture, Fashion & Retail, and Food & Beverage.

The geometric nature of the logo provides a visual language based on concentric circles. Implementation varies across both business and public sectors and encompasses a range of applications including packaging, marketing, advertising, reports, mapping, way-finding and environmental graphics.



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